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5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

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1. Big scarves

There’s nothing better than a big blanket scarf to wrap up in to stay warm through the winter months.

2. Cozy knits

Cozy sweaters are the perfect winter wardrobe item. You can still look chic while staying warm in layers. Sweater season is my favourite time of year.

3. Versatile pair of boots

Instead of buying trendy boots every year do yourself a favour and lock in a good quality, versatile pair that you can dress up or down. My favourite are Blundstones.

4. Go-to coat

You can never go wrong with a classic wool coat. It’ll pair well with everything and be a staple in your closet all winter.

5. Hats & headbands

A neutral beanie or headband to keep your ears warm is a definite must have in winter weather. Not only are they necessary for the cold but they’re a great accessory.

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